Dear Alumni and Friends:


As a supporter of Central Community High School you are part of our

legacy  a legacy based on school, community and opportunity.

The Committee to Support Central (CSC) continues to develop new

opportunities for our supporters and is excited to introduce the CSC

Cougar Pride annual membership club.


The CSC Cougar Pride consists of 3 supporting levels: Gold, Silver and

Bronze and includes school event passes based upon participation level.

A full description of the event passes and a membership form are

included. CSC Cougar Pride memberships are now available for the

2010-2011 school year. The Committee to Support Central welcomes all

Alumni, Friends and Supporters to join the Pride.


Additionally, all individual or business contributors will be recognized with

a certificate, on the CSC website, in the CSC brochure and in an annual

membership thank-you advertisement.


Should you have any questions or need additional information, please

feel free to contact Craig Revermann, CSC President; Kevin Meyer;

Superintendent or visit our website at






The Committee to Support Central