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What should you read next?


National Geographic Xpeditions-- Venture through thousands of exciting ideas, tools, and interactive adventures.

Econ Edlink --  This website offers internet-based lessons and materials for econonmic and personal finance.

Science Netlinks -- Zone in on cool science tools, resources, and lessons.

EDSITEment --  Materials for multiple subjects--literature and language arts, foreign languages, art and culture, history and social sciences--can be found here.

Illuminations -- These resources will be helpful to math teachers.

ArtsEdge:  This website organizes standards-based teaching materials for art teachers.

Thinkfinity:  Browse free lesson plans here.

Smithsonian: The famous museum's website offers valuable resources for teachers.

ReadWriteThink: Search for reading and writing lessons--all free for teachers!

PBS: PBS provides up-to-date resources that are perfect for classroom use.

Common Core Science Links

Science Daily

Language Arts Resources –Lots of information here!!

Presentation Ideas

Prezi—like PowerPoint

Glogster—Create Infographics—create your own newspaper clipping—animated videos – create a cartoon

Animoto—create videos in 5 minutes

Dipity—create free interactive timelines

Kerpoof—make a picture, movie, drawing, or card

Storybird—short, visual stories

Tagxedo—create word clouds

PicLits—Inspired Picture Writing

Zooburst—customizable pop-up stories

HistoryPin—Online photo album for the world—infographics

StudyBlue—create flashcards—mobile versions available