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What should you read next?

Tips on choosing a good book:

  • Find an author you enjoy;
  • Find an exciting series and read them all!
  • Branch out and read a different genre (mystery, adventure, romance, nonfiction, etc.) - it may be cooler than you think;
  • Talk to friends!  What stories have they fallen in love with?
  • Follow a favorite topic - What T.V. shows, hobbies, or worldly events interest you?
  • Obsessed with a popular movie or T.V. series? Often times those stories were books first!
  • Ask Mrs. Hogg, your Librarian!  What is she reading now?

Websites to visit:

These websites provide other helpful recommendations for any reader.

GoodReads :  This social website organizes books you have read, want to read, and are currently reading.  You can create additional virtual shelves, such as "Absolutely Loved!" or "Too Blah to Finish", as well as read recommendations and ratings from other participants.

Whichbook: Explore great books in a new way!  Whichbook categorizes books based on what mood they satisfy.  Feeling beautiful? Needing something comforting? Looking for the weird and wonderful? This website can steer you in the right direction.

TeenReads : Be inspired to read by this cool website created solely for teens.  You can choose books from the Ultimate Reading List, see future book releases, participate in contests, and read book reviews.  

TeenInk : Only teens 13-19 are allowed! TeenInk is a magazine, book series, and website that promotes works written and created by aspiring youth.  Check out unique art, photos, stories OR publish your own unique art, photos, and stories! Track your series here and find out when the next book is going to be released.