Response to Intervention (R.T.I.)


Text Box: What is the purpose of R.T.I.?
The purpose of the R.T.I. program is to bring the student up to the grade appropriate academic standard in the specified learning deficiency. It is a supplemental learning program to the studentís regular Language Arts and/or Math class. The student is assigned a study hall during the semester(s) of R.T.I. assignment.
How does a student qualify for R.T.I? 
Students meet the R.T.I qualifications by attendance, teacher recommendation, standardized tests scores, and subject letter grades.
What does a student do in R.T.I. Study Hall?
For a minimum of 25 minutes twice a week, students work on the EPS (formerly known as Auto Skills) program in either the Academy of Reading or the Academy of Math.  EPS is a computer program that creates an individualized program for each student based on their needs from their original EPS assessment.  Each student masters necessary skills that help raise their reading/math comprehension skills back to grade level.

For the second 25 minutes and all other days, students work with the R.T.I. tutors on homework completion, test preparation, organization, long-term planning, and any other help the student may need.

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