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Mrs. Gina Benhoff

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Mrs. Cris Toennies

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The Special Education Department works with students who have a wide range of learning, mental, emotional, and physical disabilities.We are involved in our studentís academic, social, and behavioral development.Our goal is to ensure that students with special needs receive the best education possible.We do this by ensuring that lessons and teaching strategies are modified to meet a studentís needs in the general education classroom along with directly teaching students a variety of skills to be successful.

Our department currently offers classes in a resource classroom that include: English, Reading, Math, Science, Health, History, Geography, Keyboarding, Government, Management, and Study Skills.All resource classes are taught by special education teachers. The class is designed to individualize the educational needs of each child. In order to be placed in a resource class a student must have been found eligible.

In addition, Central High School offers Co-taught classes to assist students in the general education classroom.In a co-taught class, students have the benefit of utilizing two instructors.A regular education teacher and special education teacher plan and work together in the same classroom to instruct both students with and without disabilities.Co-taught classes currently offered include: Life Science, Physical/Earth Science, Health, Government, and Title English I, II, and III.