Crisis Plan


Central Community High School would like you to be aware that we have made preparations to respond effectively to crisis situations. The C.C.H.S. Crisis Management Plan has been established to provide procedures for a safe and efficient response to situations that might pose a threat to the safety of our students and staff during school hours or at school functions. Each year, members of the Crisis Management Team make a thorough review of procedures in the plan and revise it as necessary. Emergency drills are held to better prepare us for any type of situation that might arise. We also work closely with emergency medical and law enforcement personnel in order to enhance communications and procedures for working with those agencies in the event of a crisis.

Should we have a crisis situation during school hours, your student(s) will be cared for at this school. All members of our staff receive training in First Aid, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, and Automated External Defibrillation. As parents, your cooperation is also necessary in any emergency. You can assist us by utilizing the following methods:

1. Routinely discuss with your student the appropriate responses to any crisis situation. Reinforce calm and orderly reactions to emergencies and encourage your child to follow all procedures that the school establishes in their plan.

2. Do not telephone the school in a time of crisis. Telephone lines may be needed for other purposes and school personnel may be unable to speak with you or unable to answer the phone during a crisis situation.

3. Do not attempt to access the school by vehicle during a crisis situation. Emergency personnel will need access to the school and traffic congestion will only delay necessary access for emergency medical services and law enforcement personnel.

4. In the event of an emergency, students will be kept at school in the least threatening environment possible, until school officials and emergency personnel find it safe to release them. At that time, students will only be released with parental permission unless a general dismissal or normal school day completion occurs.

5. Students may be transported to an off-campus location as an emergency response during a crisis. The C.C.H.S. Crisis Management Plan establishes several evacuation sites in the case an evacuation from school grounds is necessary.

6. Local radio stations will be utilized to broadcast emergency announcements. If students are to be kept at school, radio stations will be notified and all attempts will be made to contact parents as necessary.

If you have any questions or would like to review a copy of the C.C.H.S. Crisis Management Plan, please contact the administration. Again, we would like you to know that steps have been taken to prepare for a crisis situation at our school. Our foremost goal is to protect the safety of our students and staff. Preparation is the key to an efficient and orderly response to any crisis situation. Hopefully, we will never be forced to utilize most aspects of the Crisis Management Plan, but we want to assure you that Central Community High School is committed to preparing for such emergencies.

Thank you,

Dustin R. Foutch

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