Student Organizations

Academic Challenge

Academic Challenge (formally known as WYSE) is a test-based competition hosted by the Physics Department and Pre-Engineering Program at Eastern Illinois University. Offered to high school students, subjects tested are biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering & graphics, English, mathematics and physics. More than 40 community colleges and universities in Illinois and Missouri provide sites for the tests, giving students the opportunity to compete against each other academically.

The tests are designed to present a challenge to the brightest high school students, and are presented in multiple-choice format. Students have 40 minutes to complete tests that range in length from 30 questions (computer science & math) to 80 questions (English). The test material is drawn from high school senior and college freshman curricula to present a bridge between secondary and higher education. Tests are written by teams of faculty members at colleges and universities all across the United States. Each team produces sets of tests that increase in level of difficulty in a progression from regional, to sectional, to state finals.

Students are usually recommended by teachers, but they can also join by qualifying with practice test scores.

Sponsors: Mrs. Emily Johnson and Mrs. Kristen Hogg

Art Club

All Central students are welcome, if you love to create Art please join us! Regardless of art background, all interested students are welcome to come create artwork after school. Art Club members are expected to promote the art program, and have a passion for the creating art. As a member students will have the opportunity to make unique artwork outside of the art projects taught during school hours. This opportunity allows students that otherwise might miss out on art classes during the school day and students that already take art courses to have a chance to have another creative outlet. Students are expected to be respectful of each other and collaboratively work in groups, as well as work as an individual in our meeting times. Art Club meets 2-3 times a month. Meeting dates and times will be predetermined on the calendar each month on our google classroom page. After school we will create small to large scale art productions to display, wear, and hopefully inspire students and community members to see the value and passion we share for art here at Central!

Sponsor: Mrs. Christa Wessel

Debate Club

Debate club meets to have engaging and sometimes loud group discussions on interesting and controversial topics. Our goals for you are to develop skills in communication, research, and evaluating information. We are a new club so we compete with each other for now. There are opportunities to travel and compete in tournaments in the future.

Sponsors: Mrs. Heather Manibusan and Mrs. Rachel Faust


FBLA, otherwise known as the Future Business Leaders of America. The mission of FBLA is to bring success and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development responsibilities and programs. FBLA is the largest student-run business related organization in the United States, with 250,000 members. The purpose of FBLA is to provide, as an integral part of the instruction program, opportunities for students to develop vocational and career competencies and to promote civic and personal responsibilities. Applications for organization are available in September and October of each school year.

Sponsors: Mrs. Amanda Ringwald and Ms. Morgan Keck


In Fellowship of Christian Athletes students meet to discuss their faith and its impact on how they participate in interscholastic athletic events. This student lead organization typically meets on Wednesday mornings twice a month. Any athlete can attend the meetings or activities. There is no cost associated with this organization.

Sponsors: Mr. Kevin Crask and Mr. Nathan Rueter


Future Farmers of America is a student-lead, intracurricular agriculture organization. Our goal is to build students' knowledge of agriculture in and out of the classroom. We are focused on premier leadership, personal growth, and career success. By taking an agricultural class students qualify to be an FFA member.

Sponsor: Ms. Harley Carlson


This organization educates students on healthcare related topics and network with others who are interested in healthcare. HOSA looks for ways to help benefit healthcare organizations and local community efforts related to causes or individuals dealing with medical situations. Blood drives and fundraisers for individuals in our area who are battling medical issues or raising funds for others in similar situations are organized through this club. Other goals include promoting leadership, compassion, and service.

You will be a member of HOSA by taking one of the Health Science Technology program course: Orientation to Health Science Technology and Health Science Technology I. Once a member you will be encouraged to help promote our events and you can sign up to compete at the Illinois State HOSA Conference.

Sponsor: Mrs. Stacey Boruff

First Priority

This is an organization for students interested in service, random acts of kindness and fellowship. Attend a meeting to get involved! We meet Friday mornings before school.

Sponsors: Mrs. Katie Florczyk and Mrs. Kristen Hogg

Journalism Club

In Journalism Club, students get the opportunity to showcase what is happening at Central through journalistic writing and photography. Responsibilities include interviewing sponsors and/or students about a story, attending monthly meetings, take pictures when applicable, write a minimum of 1 article per month, and participate in the school newsletter. Attend the meeting at the beginning of the school year to get involved.

Sponsors: Mrs. Britni Hogg and Mrs. Kristen Hogg


Peer Support, suicide and crisis-prevention team. The goal is to help teenagers cope healthfully with the challenges of drugs and alcohol, peer and other challenges they face.
Students must apply when applications become available near the beginning of the school year. A selection committee consisting of various staff members will choose those students who meet the requirements of the Lifesavers program. These students will be required to attend the Lifesavers training retreat to officially become part of the program.

Sponsors: Mrs. Lauren Langhauser and Ms. Trisha Lohman

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society chapter at Central Community High School was established in 1976. Each year, new members are selected during the spring semester after their fifth or seventh semester. Members must earn a 3.8 cumulative grade point average and must demonstrate and excel in the qualities of leadership, character, scholarship, and service throughout their high school career. Any member who does not live up to the standards that are expected may be subject to disciplinary actions or removal from the chapter.

Sponsor: Ms. Trisha Lohman


The Spring Musical at Central provides students with a comprehensive theater experience engaging them in acting, music-making, dance, set design, stagecraft, live sound, and lighting. Productions vary from classics (such as Oklahoma!) to modern masterpieces (Sister Act) to children's theater (Annie) and everything in between. Traditionally, the productions begin at the beginning of the Spring Semester, culminating in three performances in late March. Auditions are held between November and December.

Sponsors: Mrs. Lauren Langhauser and Mr. Eric Chrostoski

Pit Crew

The Pit Crew is our student pep club. Members of the Pit Crew organize a variety of School Spirit Activities throughout the school year.

Sponsor: Mr. Ryan Ketchum


Partnership for College and Career Success is an educational initiative to prepare students for high skilled, high wage careers which require technical skills. This organization is for high school student’s 9th-12th grade. The leaders in this group provide opportunities for students to make a connection between school and employment. A variety of field trips focused on career pathways, workshops, and job shadowing opportunities are provided at each grade level. Any student can apply for this organization at the beginning of the school year.

Sponsors: Mr. Steven Ellis and various CHS faculty and staff

Scholar Bowl

Scholar Bowl is an IHSA sanctioned, team academic competition in which two teams compete to answer questions from all areas of knowledge, including history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, popular culture, sports, and more. Sign-ups for Scholar Bowl occur in November.

Sponsor: Mr. Calvin O’Rear

Service Club

Cougars for the Community, the Central High School Service Club, offers students opportunities to complete volunteer work in the school and community. To be a part of Service Club, a student must complete and log 20 hours of community service in a school year. The community service can be done on an individual basis or as a part of a school-wide experience. In order to give students a variety of service hours, up to 10 hours can come from one type of activity. Service Club is an organization open to any freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior.

The purpose of Service Club is to assist students in becoming involved in community organizations and to start a network of projects to benefit our communities. Service Club is a student run organization with faculty advisers; therefore, the students select the activities to participate in each year. The students pick different projects to support; some of the ideas are for a large group of helpers, and others are activities an individual or smaller group can do to make the community a better place.

Sponsors: Mr. Greg Kruse, Mrs. Katie Florczyk, Mrs. Andrea Henry, Mrs. Lynn Garrett, and Mrs. Ami Shanafelt

Spanish Club

Spanish Club provides our members with an opportunity to participate in activities related to Spanish and Latin American culture, and use of the Spanish language. Club members also have the opportunity to participate in philanthropic activities that benefit our local community, and also countries in Central America and the Caribbean. Membership requires current or past enrollment in Spanish at Central, and a yearly dues payment.

Sponsor: Mrs. Kristin Rueter

Student Council

The purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, the student council is the voice of the student body.

Student Council Representatives are elected each year by the voting members of the class.
Each class will elect 6 representatives on to the Student Council. Any student wishing to run as a representative of their class will need to obtain a student petition, secure 30 classmate’s signatures and 6 adult recommendation signatures. Each potential candidate will also submit a written statement of election intent. The election process will take place in April of each year. The election process for incoming freshman will take place in August of their Freshman year. These potential candidates will obtain a petition and secure 30 classmate signatures. Each prospective candidate will give a verbal speech to the freshman class prior to elections.

Sponsor: Mrs. Karrie Kujawa



Sponsors: Mrs. Jill Varel and Mrs. Rebecca Boeschen

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